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The Faire in the Grove has traditionally been held in Forest Grove, Oregon since 2007.

Step back in time for a day of revels at the Faire In The Grove! Join Medieval Re-enactors, Armored Fighters & History Buffs, who invite you to experience the Middle Ages and the Renaissance!

Come and be transported back to Fairegrove, a medieval village. Enjoy seeing and learning some of the history behind life in the middle ages and beyond into the Renaissance.

Enjoy live heavy armored combat, rapier, dance, music, story telling, merchants, merchants, merchants, juggling, medieval cooking, and textile demos, book binding, leather working, strolling musicians, singers and dancers throughout the day.

The public is invited to participate in fun and interesting events, entertainments and displays at this Demo.

Armoured Fighters

Demonstrations & Displays:
Look for more activities like these:
  • Lawn Games
  • Norse Hat Making
  • Banner Making
  • Belt Favor Making
  • Brass Amulet Making
  • Norse Rune Necklace Making
  • Wax Seal Making
  • Take Home Your Name in Calligraphy

Strolling Musicians & Singers assorted vocals & musicians groups who's repertoire includes, medieval to renaissance selections and songs. Jugglers & General Guffaw Generators - Several silly ninnies will make you laugh and keep you entertained.